About the GVPC

Ron Molen, Salt Lake City Architect, and his wife, Norma started an organization called Utahns Against Gun Violence in 1994 after their son was shot and killed at Indiana University. Later in 2001, he and a group of other concerned citizens, who believed that we need to and can do far more to protect society from the misuse of guns.

The GVPC Mission is to prevent the tragedy of gun violence through education and reasonable regulation of firearms.

GVPC is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is dedicated to providing and promoting legislation and policy that reduces gun violence. GVPC bases its policy stances on statistical facts and measured data. We obtain and coordinate with well- established research groups across the country We also believe it is possible to accomplish this and still maintain the ability of citizens to own and possess firearms for the legitimate recreational purposes. GVPC is built on the philosophy that reasonable regulations of firearms can lead to significant reductions in the occurrence of gun violence. We can and should do everything possible so that not one more life is needlessly lost to gun violence.

What We Do.

  • Educate Utahns’ about the merits of moderate gun-violence prevention measures such as:
  • Research gun violence statistics, gun safety legislation, and coordinate and network with other State’s GVP organizations in our States United Coalition
  • Testify and provide information in uState Legislative Hearings
  • Sponsor and coordinate events to bring awareness of Gun Violence
  • Co-Hosting Annual GVP Vigil (December)
  • Collect and deliver constituent comments

  • Speak and participate in Community Organization meetings and events.
  • Provide information and GVP statistics to State and Federal legislators.
  • Coordinate support and advocacy with other organizations concerned about gun violence through the Utah Gun Safety Coalition.
  • Write letters to the Editor / Opinion Editorials
  • Provide information and advocacy education to our supporters through our social media and other platforms.

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