Contact a Legislator

Let your elected representatives know what you think about gun violence issues.  If you do not know who your legislators are, click the link below:

Utah House of Representatives and Senate

A letter to a representative might include your views on a specific event or the following generic message:

Dear ____________

I am ____ years old and from (city) ________________________(state) ______.

I want you to know that I am concerned about gun violence in my community.  I am especially concerned about the following:

___ Gun Suicide

___ Guns and Domestic Violence

___ Mass shootings

___ Deregulation of Gun Silencers

___ Guns in schools

___ Unintentional shootings

___ 3-D Printed Guns

___ Keeping guns out of unsafe hands

___ Background Check Loopholes

___ Military style weapons & multi-capacity magazines

___ Lack of support for smart gun technology


Please consider the role guns play in all of these activities and help to craft sensible laws to end the needless violence our community experiences.  Thank you.

Your name


Email GVPC at:


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